Deductive Versus Inductive Teaching Methods and Learning Outcomes in French Language in selected schools in Ogun State of Nigeria

Odizuru Iteogu


This study establishes one important fact about the learning of French language in Nigeria which is an Anglophone environment. It indicates that in the Nigerian context, a careful combination of the deductive and inductive methods delivered in a bilingual mode (French & English) will yield higher achievement by students than using the monolingual mode (French only) to teach French as a foreign language. Also, the study showed that student achievement was not significantly
affected by the attitude of learners in the language classroom. The study thus indicated that both monolingual teaching methods have the potential to encourage higher achievement in French language considering that both methods did not result in any significant differences in encouraging achievement (mean score of deductive group = 22.57 and mean score for inductive group= 21.18 leading to a statistically insignificant difference of 1.39).

Keywords: deductive, inductive, teaching methods, learning- outcomes, French language,secondary schools.

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