Nnenna Gertrude Eze


Nigeria is a linguistically diverse region with different ethnic groupings,yet she  has failed in  producing a national language that would foster national integration and unity amongst Nigerians. The dominance of English language  in the country as the bridge of communication and a second language over the first language of its users ,has become a source of worry and threat to her national integration, as the  indigenous languages are gradually facing extinction ,with the associated traditional values, fast eroding ,due to the linguistic hegemonic nature of English .Most studies on this problem have concentrated on the  evolution of a national language,even outside the ethnic groups in Nigeria,but little or no effort has been made to look inwards, on the causes of this problem especially as it bothers on the socio-linguistic configuration  of the country.This work therefore tries to fill this gap,  using a qualitative research based on the Sapir-Whorfian theory of language.It was discovered that the sociolinguistic configuration  in Nigeria has significantly contributed to  this problem with its attendant consequences. The study proffers solutions for a more integrative and cohesive Nigerian society.

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